6.3 Rules setting for Vault Publisher Pack and Go

If PackandGo publications are often performed with the same settings, rules can be set (so far only globally). These are then displayed in the "PackAndGo rules" selection

In Vault client, drop-down menu Nástroje -> Vault Publisher -> Configuration (login as Administrator)

The user fills in the rule name, publication path, the naming of the published files, the file structure of the data (pre-prepared structure or the Vault structure) and whether the file will be directly assigned to the compressed * .zip folder.

File naming can be done independently of already published data. As usual, the "Part Number" property is set as the main name of the published data in the Vault. It is used due to simple rewriting and disconnection of already published documentation when unapproved and approving CAD documentation.

In Pack and Go Settings, you can easily change the name of published files and assign additional properties (from a file and from an item) to it. This setting is only transferred within PackAndGo.

In the “Publishing file´s name settings“ dialog is possible to choose from three predefined methods.

  • Free text – any text variable

  • Vault numbering scheme – predefined numbering scheme

  • Vault Property – as for the file as for item

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