Versions 29.3.0 & 28.8.0 & 27.15.0

Released on September 1st 2023

For compatibility information of each P4V version with Autodesk Vault versions, visit the System Requirements page.


  • All versions

    • Fixed a bug that caused publishing conditions were not retained.

    • Fixed a bug that caused the drawing of an assembly (IAM) to be ignored for DWG publishing if there was also the IPN drawing.

  • P4V 2022

    • It is now possible to install Publisher4VLT 2022 together with Publisher4VLT 2023.

    • Fixed a bug that caused the 'Copy property values from original file' to be active even unchecked.


  • All versions

    • User interface icons updated to match other Holixa applications' icon styles better. Theme-based icon switching is available starting with Vault 2024. For versions 2022 and 2023, only one color version of the icon set is used.

You must restart Vault Professional to use the icon set corresponding to the selected theme.

New features

  • All versions

    • Google Analytics was implemented to track what version of the Publisher4VLT is being used.

    • Added logging information about attaching the published files to items, so users can get more information if the attaching was successful.

  • P4V 2022

    • The latest version of Holixa licensing has been implemented. Licensing information is now stored in the Publisher4VLT 2022 dedicated folder so no other Holixa-licensed products can affect the licensing of Publisher4VLT and vice versa.

Known Issues

  • All versions

    • The product license may be lost overnight (turned invalid), causing publishing jobs to fail due to an invalid license. Manual reactivation is necessary. As a temporary workaround, try not to have the Vault client opened on a job processor machine overnight. We are working on a fix.

    • Inventor Model states are not supported.

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