8.1 Move publishing option using EC Erp2G

In the Vault Publisher configuration is no longer the option to use the configuration for the ERP Connector.

In the Vault Publisher configuration when publishing into the Vault is no option of translate the link to a thin client – the type of link is solved by ERP Connector itself.

Setting what is to be published through the ERP Connector and write into the ERP Connector table is now written to the ERP Connector configuration. The names of Vault Publisher configuration are written to the list in the ERP Connector (configuration in Vault Publisher must have a unique name)

This means that configuration names listed here are published, which means that the publication job will be assigned to the ERP Connector communication and will be processed after the job is communicated in the exchange interface. To get the configuration names, an option to view configurations is added to the Vault Publisher configuration – list can be selected and copied to the clipboard

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