Released on 8th August 2023

For compatibility information of each ERP Connector version with Autodesk Vault versions, visit the System Requirements page.

Versions &


User interface icons updated to better match other Holixa applications' icon styles.

Theme-based icon switching is available starting with Inventor 2024. You must restart Vault Professional to use the icon set corresponding to the selected theme.




  • The latest version of Holixa licensing has been implemented.

  • Licensing information is now stored in ERP Connector dedicated folder so no other Holixa-licensed products can affect the licensing of ERP Connector and vice versa.

Due to a change in license file storage folders, ERP Connector must be re-licensed.

General changes

  • User interface icons updated to better match other Holixa application's icon styles.

New features

  • Google Analytics was implemented to track what version of the ERP Connector is being used.


  • The wrong file path to Vault Publisher Configuration (Links tab) was fixed.

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