ERP synchronized enums

Selected Vault Property values (enums) can be periodically updated from an external source (eg. ERP). This ec function is based on the following rules:

  • up-to-date (ERP) values are available as first column table in a SQL view

  • the name for the SQL view:

    1. pattern: EcPDV_<VaultPropertyDefinitionId>

    2. example: EcPDV_56

  • the first field data type must comply with Vault property data type (string or numeric) Synchronization can be configured:

  • sync time pattern (when the function is activated)

  • enable the command to manually activate synchronization

  • remove obsolete value from Vault property definition (the value is not defined by ERP anymore)

to explain: on Vault entities having the obsolete value, this will cause “non compliant” property value status; if obsolete value is detected, Arkance.AdminRequest job is created (this job will never be processed by any JobProcessor - it waits in queue for admin to take action and manually remove this job from a queue)

  • sort value - if selected, values are sorted; on the contrary this will invoke reindexing of Vault properties and slows down the Vault server

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