ERP data displayed dynamically in VE Tab

Vault Explorer UI can be extended to show Tab with detailed information. This data is not stored as Vault entity property values – it is just displayed within the Tab of the Vault entity in Vault Explorer UI.

This data is provided by SQL view defined in the same SQL database as DI. SQL view can be created for every EcEntityType.

These two rules must be strictly followed:

  1. the name for the SQL view:

    1. pattern: EcTAB_<VaultEntityClassId>

    2. examples: EcTAB_ITEM EcTAB_CUSTENT_1

(mind the suffix - custom entity definiton id)

  1. SQL view must contain column β€œname” (nvarchar)

this column is used to select the proper data to display in the Tab

it means the β€œname” column in the SQL view contains values responding to the Vault entity names (ITEM number , FLDR name, CUSTENT name, CO number)

Tab displays all the fields defined in the SQL view – example:


trailing spaces in name column are ignored

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