Section [Settings]

  • ConnectionString: Basic configuration for connection to the data source (see chapter Examples of connections to data sources).

  • ConnectionSelectCommand: Sets the basic definition of columns and links between tables from which the data will be read, including conditions and sorting (standard SQL syntax).

  • ConnectionSelectHeaders: (OPTIONAL) List of names for the column headers of the data table.

  • MainFormLabel: Name of the main window of ERP Picker, not used since version

  • ShowAll: True or False. True ensures that immediately after the ERP Picker window is launched, the data table is populated with all records that match the query specified in the ConnectionSelectCommand. With a large amount of data, it can overload the network connection and cause delays in data retrieval speed.

  • ApplyFilterDelay: (OPTIONAL) Time in milliseconds, counting down after the last change of filter values in the Holixa ERP Picker data grid (data table). When it expires, the set filter will be applied. Using this parameter improves application performance because it increases the likelihood that the filter will not be applied prematurely, which would result in unnecessary load on the data source.

  • FullRowSelect: (OPTIONAL) True (default value) or False. Affects the way data is collected in the table. If True, the entire row is selected when clicked. If set to False, the click selects only one cell (the reason for this is the ability to copy cell values for other purposes).

  • SheetMetalThicknessDbFieldName: The name of the database field by which the values in the table are automatically filtered according to the sheet thickness of the part.

  • SheetMetalThicknessUseDotAsDecDelim: False or True (default). If True, a dot is used as a decimal separator in the value for filtering by sheet thickness (i.e. regardless of the "CurrentCulture" setting on the computer).

  • InitiateFilterDbFieldName: The name of the database field for the initial filtering.

  • InitiateFilterValue: value for the default filtering.

  • AcceptVirtualComponent: True or False. If True, writing to the iProperties of virtual components is allowed.

A sample of part of the ini file is below.

ConnectionString=Provider=Microsoft.ACE.OLEDB.12.0;Data Source=d:\MATDBTK.accdb
ConnectionSelectCommand=SELECT ID, Group, Number, Name01, Description, Standard, Count, Material FROM MATDBEN
MainFormLabel=ERP Picker

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