Filtering and searching

Above each column of the table, there is a filter and search control. The display of data in the table is adjusted according to the set filters.

The display of numeric values can be limited by the minimum and maximum values (two fields are available), while only one field is available for searching text values.

The filtering can be started by pressing Enter or automatically after a set delay. This delay can be controlled in the configuration INI file by setting the ApplyFilterDelay variable.

"Reset" of the filter can be done by emptying all filter values + confirming with the Enter key.

Default filters

The configuration can be set so that the data table is filtered by the column and value in the configuration at startup. These are the InitiateFilterDbFieldName and InitiateFilterValue parameters.

Sheet thickness to search filter transfer

The sheet metal part thickness can be used for data table filtering - i.e. the configuration can be set so that the data table is filtered according to the value read from the sheet metal part definition in Inventor already when running over the sheet metal part.

The units used to express sheet thickness are mm.

If the sheet metal part has other units set internally, the search is set by converting to a value in millimeters.

Examples of filtering and searching

The images below contain examples of filtering numeric and text values.


Text values

Other settings

Other settings for filtering are described in chapter Section [Settings].

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