Released on 17th July 2023


  • Licensing information is now stored in the ERP Picker dedicated folder so no other Holixa-licensed products can affect the licensing of ERP Picker and vice versa.

  • ApplyFilterDelay - variable can not be a negative value. An instability after entering a negative value into the form was removed.

  • Library Parts error. Previously, it was possible to select a library part without any notice.

  • The possibility of writing into read-only documents was removed.


  • The latest version of Holixa licensing has been implemented (only a web license or standalone licensing options are available).

  • New user interface icons to better match the Holixa style.

  • ERP Picker commands were moved to a new ribbon.

  • Users can no longer change the title and icon of the main command window..

New features

  • Virtual component iProperties can be modified.

    • AcceptVirtualComponent=True

  • The name of the selected component is now shown in the ERP Picker main selection window.

  • Google Analytics implemented.

  • ERP Picker now supports the following languages: CS, EN, FR, PL, ES, and PT. The language changes automatically according to the Inventor's language.

  • Tooltips were added to all commands.

  • Online help URL links were added.

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