8.2 Links configuration

ERP Connector no longer contains the configuration of a copy of native files, a copy of visualizations and a copy of thumbnails – everything is now configured in Vault Publisher and only the configuration name is written to the list in ERP Connector.

Actual copying of these three types is performed through ERP Connector and not through Vault Publisher (If the source is ERP Connector). Vault Publisher provides only the path and name of the published file.


Unfortunately, the individual settings are not transferable, so it is needed to configure to copy of native data, visualizations and thumbnails, that were in the ERP Connector again in Vault Publisher. To obtain the publishing path, Vault Publisher should also be installed on the communication Job Server.


If the communication Job Server is only for communication and not for publishing, the in Vault Publisher configuration a jobs that should not be processed on the given station must be turned off (this setting is local).

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