Site Management - Project configuration

SIte Management uses a separate tool to dynamically create a configuration for the project.

Project configuration is the way of improving the already good user experience. Add wanted map layers, select default files, any many others.

The minimum information that is needed is the coordinate reference system.

Project configuration can be done by anyone in the project, but project admins control the basic user experience for all the project users. There can be multiple configuration files, meaning that different groups or even users have their own way of looking at the project.

Project configuration can be found from the Project Settings -menu. Clicking "Project configuration" -button opens a new dialog. If the project contains an old mapext.config -file, it will be used to create the new configuration (settings that have been defined there will be used). In the first dialog Site Management prompts whether to delete or store the old configuration file.

If the project doesn't have a configuration to begin with, the first dialog will be skipped. The second dialog lists all the available configurations for the project.

It is up to the user to decide what needs to be defined for the project. It is recommended to add at least the project coordinate system and project boundary. The following pages will cover each setting of the project configuration.

Project configuration can be edited at any point during project. If more maps are needed or new default files are to be added, project configuration can be edited.

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