Breaklines in section

Inspecting breaklines in the section tool is a great way to validate the design. If the LandXML, visible in the section tool, contains breaklines, those can be turned on from the tool menu:

Once the tool is activated a seperate floating window [Breaklines (section)] opens automatically. This windows lists all the files which are visible in the section and contain breaklines. Search -bar at the top of the window can be used to narrow down the results, with text string or numbers.

The Breaklines (section) -window and the section view are interactive. Meaning that if mouse cursor is hovering in the Breaklines (section) window, on top of a breakline, it is highlighted in the section.

If a breakline is clicked from the list, section view is automatically centered to the selected breakline.

As the picture above demonstrates the breaklines are presented as circles. The center of the circle is the location of the breakline.

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