Create a project based on template

Second option is to create a new project based on a template project. This option allows user to use a folder structure and user groups from an existing project. Also, the project settings can be copied from the same template project.

Please note that when creating a project based on a template, user must have admin rights to the template project.

Access and after successful sign in, choose the template project, from the project view and click the three dots, next to the project name.

After selecting Use as template for a new project, a new dialog opens. There are total of four different configurations that can be copied:

  • Project settings

  • Project members

  • Groups

  • Folder structures

Select the wanted configurations,and continue by clicking Next. The next dialog is the same in both project creations methods.

Name, server location, project ownership and project license are the mandatory fields. After naming the project, other mandatory fields can be edited (if there are other alternatives available).

Description, start and end date are additional options, which are optional.

All, expect the server location, can be changed later on in the project settings.

Once everything is set up, proceed by clicking Submit. Once the project is set up and ready, a email notification will be sent.

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