Create a project to Trimble Connect

Once a project is found in Trimble Connect it is accessable in Site Management

Trimble Connect is one of the data storages for Site Management.

There are two options to create a project in Trimble Connect.

  1. Create a new blank project

All the basic settings must be set up for the project. Folder structure, project settings, users and user groups need to be created manually in this option.

This is the quickest way, but it might take some time later on to set up all needed information to the project.

  1. Use an existing project as a template (recommended way)

User has the possibility to copy the wanted settings from an existing project. To make most of this functionality it is recommened to create a template project. Template project should only contain the wanted folder structure, user groups and project settings.

This is more organized way, because basic settings are already done during the creation.

Please note that when creating a project by using a template project, user must have admin rights to the template project.

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