Measurements in sections

Viewing sections is one aspect, but as crucial is to make measurements in the visible section. There are total of four different measurement types in the section tool:

Manual measurements

Distance for simple measurements between two or more points

Area to measure the areas from sections, which could be used for volume calculation

Slope to measure distance between two points, results are shown for X- , Y-, XY -distance and the value of the slope in angle and percentage.

Coordinate allows to query exact elevations from the model, results are shown in X and Y. X is the distance from the centerline and Y is the elevation.

The Q2/2024 release introduced the automatic measurements, between breaklines.

Start the measuring tool and select the wanted type of measurement. There is also a possibility use Measurement snap. This functionality snaps to the LandXML file objects for accurate measuring.

Automatic measurements

The new automatic tool for measurements between breaklines, making it easier to quickly see the widths and slopes. Automatic measurements can be turned on here:

It automatically measures the distance between two breaklines, results are shown below section and the overall width of the section is shown at the bottom.

There are also slopes displayed between two breaklines, either as decimals (0.03) or as ratios (1:3).

If multiple layers have breaklines, those can be changed in the dropdown menu, below the Automatic measurements section.

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