Permissions and Metadata

Permissions allow users to create their own configurations that apply only the them.

Permissions define whether configuration is public or private, who can edit it and who does it apply to. Permissions to the specific configuration can be edited and it consists from three different options:

  • Sharing

    • Configuration can be shared / personal

  • Who can manage this configuration and its permissions?

    • Configuration and its permissions can be edited by:

    • Project admins / All project members / Specific users and groups

  • Who does this configuration apply to?

    • If the configuration is shared, it is still possible to define who does it apply to

    • No one / Project admins / All project members / Specific users and groups


Metadata consists of two fields, description and order. Description simply describes what does this specific configuration include. Order comes in play if there are multiple configuration. The lower the order, the more ruling the configuration has.

Once the configuration is finished, it can be saved by clicking Save -button.

To apply the changes made to the Project configuration user must refresh the page.

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