Project settings in Trimble Connect

These are some of the basic settings for Trimble Connect project.

Most convinient settings for each project are Notifications and User permissions. Settings should be adjusted in the beginning of a project to have a full control on the project. Select the Settings -tab to manage them.

Trimble Connect sends email notifications to users based on the project settings. Email notification mode can be adjusted, Admin will define the preferences for all users or users can define their own preferences. Two main types of preferences, digest and instant. Digest is delivered daily and the time can be adjusted. Instant sends an email instantly if any tracked activity is done.

User permission -tab below the Settings -menu contains important setting for Site Management. ToDo visibility defines whether ToDo tasks, or markings in Site Management, are visible to all users or only to assignees and admins.

Please note that Site Management also has its own settings, which are covered in Project set up in Site Management -section.

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