Project tree

Left-hand side of the page contains files and folders of the project. User can hide this section by dragging the section from three dots. Files displayed on the map are selected from the project tree.

Please note that Site Management can display LandXML, DWG, DGN, DXF, IFC, JXL and geonic -file formats on the map.

Site Management has a built in viewer for PDFs and picture files. And if there is a need to view more file formats the 3d viewer supports many.

User can filter the visible files and folders by name (text string) or a tag. Tags can be assigned in Trimble Connect for Browser. Please note that folders must be opened before the search is done within them.

Behind the three bars, user can either clear selection or update folders. If files have been added from the background storage (ACC or Trimble Connect), user must update folders before the files are visible in Site Management.

There is a possiblity to right click a file in the project tree and there are more options to use it. Most useful in larger projects is the zoom -function. Allowing user to select a file and zoom directly to its extent.

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